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Taxation services

The burdens placed on business by ever-changing tax laws and harsh penalty regimes mean that ensuring your tax affairs are properly managed and up-to-date is the cornerstone of our service. We offer a complete range of tax compliance services, for individuals, partnerships public and private companies and not for profit organisation. Our services including the preparation of your tax returns and computations and payment advice, ensuring you meet your statutory obligations efficiently and with confidence that your returns are technically accurate. But it’s more than just compliance – the tax return preparation and review process enables us to identify planning opportunities which we will then discuss with you

From basic compliance through to high-level structuring, our tax experts can help your business. Our aim is simple: to help you avoid the pitfalls and derive maximum benefit from the advantages that are available. We advise on how best to structure a business, as well as individual transactions in order to achieve maximum tax efficiency.
Whatever the requirement of your business, if you would like to ensure that you are getting the most from the opportunities available to you then please contact us.

Tax investigations

The Kenya Revenue authority is under huge pressure to increase tax receipts and reduce tax leakage with an objective of meeting the budget and the vision 2030. As a result, it has a growing appetite for launching investigations where it considers there is a reasonable possibility of collecting under-declared tax.
We have an expert tax team with extensive experience in handling Kenya revenue enquiries and investigations. Our aim is always to achieve a fair outcome for our clients and we will negotiate the best possible position whilst always complying with tax legislation.

Business tax planning

Tax planning is an important consideration for any enterprise. Our team will provide advice and solutions to a range of corporate entities, partnerships and their owners. We are known not only for the technical quality of our advice, but also for the long-term relationships we build with our clients.
We pride ourselves on taking a comprehensive approach to minimizing our clients’ tax exposure, providing corporate , VAT and personal tax advice as appropriate. Our clients cover all sectors and all stages of the business “lifecycle”.
We provide personalized solutions and advise on key decisions that require an understanding of your corporate and personal objectives. We understand that each client is unique, both in terms of their requirements and circumstances, so we focus on tailored advice and solutions rather than adopting a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our partner-led client teams incorporate specialists covering corporate and personal tax, employment tax solutions, wealth management , trust and estate planning.
Our integrated services are designed to help you grow, and to realise and protect your wealth. Careful planning at both corporate and personal levels can significantly reduce tax. Our range of services includes:

  • Tax structuring and planning.
    We are experienced in advising on the corporate tax, VAT and personal tax aspects of a wide range of business transactions.
  • International solutions.
    The scope of our services to clients with international interests includes advising on international business structures and tax issues and finding solutions for cross border transactions.
  • VAT
    VAT is a complex tax which affects most businesses and organisations. Whether it’s completing and submitting VAT returns or considering the implications of specific transactions, getting it wrong can be a costly mistake. With our collective experience and expertise in VAT compliance, consultancy and planning, our VAT team provides cost-effective advice and assistance and helps businesses to avoid the many pitfalls presented by VAT and the other indirect taxes
    Our specialist VAT team can provide you with practical compliance advice and support, whether you are a business, public sector organisation, charity or a sole trader we will be able to provide you with straight-forward, understandable VAT advice.

We can help you set up systems and procedures which generate accurate VAT returns, conduct reviews of VAT returns and accounting documentation and complete VAT returns on your behalf. We can also negotiate with Kenya revenue authority to reach a cost effective outcome should any queries or disputes arise.

We have worked with many businesses and organisations which undertake non-business activities or are partially exempt.
Partial exemption and non-business calculations add another layer to an already complex tax; we will ensure that your accounting systems are set up to deal with these intricacies.

We also have considerable experience advising charities and not-for-profit organisations on the rules relating to business to non-business apportionment and making full use of zero-related reliefs on qualifying goods and services.

What will our VAT compliance services give you?

1. Assurance that your business or organisation complies with its statutory and legal obligations;
2. Comfort that the most appropriate structure, systems and procedures to minimise your VAT liabilities have been identified and implemented;
3. Help you to deal with partial exemption accounting and recovery methods.

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