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Special Purpose Audits

Special purpose audits refer to those circumstances in which we are required to report on specific financial information for specific purposes to specific users, in comparison with the general audit of financial statements. We provides various special purpose audit services which can satisfy your requirement.

s Expenditure verification
sFinancial Due Diligence
s Review of financial estimates and budgets
s Evaluation of the internal control systems
s Consolidated / combined financial statement audits
s Limited Review of the Financial Statements
s Audit of contract or agreement compliance
s Review of Accounting Systems
s Verifying capital
s Responsibility or performance audit
s Business merger, separation and liquidation audit
s Audit for loan purpose

Why you need special purpose audit

In today's tightly regulated business environment, it is importance to have a process in place that allows you to know whether your suppliers , customers and or donors/ projects inplementing partners are in compliance with the contracts that you have negotiated. Failure to have the proper process in place could result not only in financial loss, but in regulatory non-compliance, and a damaged reputation.

Contract compliance audits are a valuable component of any Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) process and offer the opportunity to gain insight into control weaknesses as well as recover lost profits.

How we can help you

We contract compliance audit services to give our Clients the assurance that their suppliers and/or customers are adhering to the terms and conditions that both parties negotiated. Our professionals will assess compliance, present you with fully documented claims and notify you of overpayments to suppliers or undercharge to customers promptly and any non compliance with the grant contracts .We will provide you with reporting that includes an executive summary, our approach, audit findings and practical recommendations for the contracts audited as well as other agreements that you may have with similar suppliers or customers

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