Balancing the Art (Accounting) and Science (Mathematics)
sOur Heritage

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Our Heritage

The founder Samuel always had a vision of becoming a reputable CPA firm through hard work, honest people and unrivaled client service. Guided by these core values, Samuel established a foundation that has enabled us to do just that.

Our steadfast commitment to responsive service and compliance with the highest technical and ethical standards reflects our passion for our profession and dedication to our clients.

We know that in an industry where personal relationships are what makes the difference, we believes in taking the time to understand our clients’ businesses, staying involved with their company and create a lasting connection. We value the time we spend advising our clients and being able to anticipate their financial concerns. We want our clients to benefit from our expertise, insight and professionalism in everything we do. That’s simply the way we do business.

We are dedicated to providing every client with exceptional and timely services. This commitment to quality allowed for our steady growth and, with the establishment of our consulting arm Tripple ‘K’ Consulting Group Ltd we have flourished into one of the most preferred business advisers in the region.

Built on a foundation of strong principles, we provide the strong, credible and reliable services.

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