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Forensic & Financial Services

Should the need arise, it’s important to have a financial service provider that understands and can deliver results to meet your forensic, litigation, valuation and bankruptcy needs. At the core of our Forensic and Financial Services Group practice is a team of professionals with diverse experience at national and regional accounting and valuation firms and law enforcement agencies.

Forensic and Investigative Accounting:

We offer substantial experience in a multitude of forensic and fraud-related matters ranging from fraud detection and prevention to tracing of hidden income and assets.

Family Law:

We provide a variety of services ranging from identifying and quantifying income and assets of the parties’ to assisting in various financial aspects in settlement.
Corporate Recovery, Bankruptcy service and Creditor’s Right:
We provide thorough analysis to identify the optimal solutions for all parties-in-interest ranging from turnaround and restructuring advisory to the full range of bankruptcy support and trustee services

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