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Corporate finance

Whatever the economic climate, we can help you maximize the potential value of your business, advising and supporting you every step of the way. Buying or selling, raising development capital or floating on a public market are not everyday occurrences for most businesses, yet we deal with these matters routinely.

We provide a comprehensive range of lead advisory and transaction support services. Our clients range from, large, medium -sized companies to smaller owner-managed businesses, covering a wide variety of industry sectors.

Capital markets

Listing is an important step in the development of private companies that can provide capital for growth, create a market for the company’s shares, enhance the profile and credibility of the business, and ultimately provide an exit strategy for its owners.

There are several phases to flotation, all of which need the support of experienced corporate finance professionals.

Our services include:
s reporting accountants;
s advice on preparation for flotation, including e.g. financial structuring, accounting systems and policies, and taxation;
s share option and other director/employer benefit advice;
s ongoing audit and taxation services

Financial modeling and reviews

We provide practical solutions for private equity firms, investment banks and financiers and businesses in designing personalized financial models.

The advantages include outputs and usability designed uniquely for your needs, improved accuracy, flexibility to perform sensitivity analysis, and increased robustness and reliability of the financial model. As a result, many of our financial models are used by clients in the post-transaction management and monitoring of their businesses.

We are uniquely positioned to provide transaction services for financial institutions as our focused teams and cost-effective approach deliver value to our clients. Our approach is to start with a clear understanding of your situation and to design a financial model to meet your needs. It allows us to integrate financial modeling seamlessly with existing corporate finance services.

For each transaction, we select the right specialists so that we can leverage the expertise required. This allows you to focus on the structuring of the deal and completing the transaction.

Our teams are flexible and well positioned to be deployed anywhere in the world.

Due diligence

Experienced professionals drawn from our corporate finance and specialist industry and tax teams provide due diligence services to help prospective purchasers validate the key assertions on which the proposed acquisition is to be based. Our approach:

senhances knowledge of the target business to identify critical risk and success factors and increase the likelihood of a successful deal

sdelivers reports that focus on issues, including our opinion on the key risks and financial prospects of the target business.

    We tailor the scope of our work to the proposed transaction, but a typical assignment includes:
    s an in-depth analysis of historic performance, cash flows, assets and liabilities
    s an assessment of forecast performance, including business model drivers, cash flow dynamics and working capital requirements, and key business sensitivities
    s a review of the business’s financial systems and controls and
    s an analysis of the tax position of the business.

Strategic reviews and business planning

Whether your business is established or still in the early stages, we can work with you to package your ideas into a professional and focused plan. This will help you assess the future viability and direction of your business and maximise your opportunities for raising finance

To prosper and survive in these challenging times a business needs to adapt continually to its surroundings. We know that many businesses do not have time to develop a strategic plan due to the constraints of the day-to-day running of the business. However, help is at hand.

We have a proven track record of working with a range of businesses - from family-owned businesses to large companies and from entrepreneurial start-ups to established middle market companies - helping them develop and refine their business, operational, financing, marketing, HR, governance and risk management strategies.


There are many reasons for valuing a business including buying or selling a business, selling or transferring shares, setting up an employee share scheme, tax, considering a market listing, breach of contract or a cessation in trading, shareholder disputes, or death or divorce.

The valuation of unquoted shares and private businesses presents unique challenges, but we have tried and trusted techniques that will provide you with a true, fair, well-informed and defensible commercial valuation.
Whether you are planning to sell your business, sell some shares, invest in or buy a business, the information in our valuation report will be invaluable.

We have a wealth of experience in undertaking valuations and will provide you with the clear commercial opinion you need.

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