Balancing the Art (Accounting) and Science (Mathematics)

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Samuel Wachira

Samuel is a social scientist with over 10 years experience in social research. He has worked closely with Kenya Bureau of Statistics and he has accumulated enormous experience in field /applied research in various capacity. Samuel is a continuing Master degree student in MA (Nairobi University) in rural sociology. He also holds undergraduate degree in Economic and statistics. He is also holds post graduate diploma in marketing (Kenya Institute of Management). He is an asset at Tripple K Consulting Group as he has strong specialties in baseline surveys, KAP surveys, project implementation, and research methodology development, statistics and data management and grant writing. He has strong interpersonal skills thus making him the right candidate for qualitative analysis research techniques.

Samuel has supervised Tripple K Consulting Group projects in multi countries within the region, these include; Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, DRC Congo Burundi and Southern Sudan.

Mark Mwiti

Mark is as highly experienced social statistician in charge with of group statistical analysis function. He has numerous years of interaction with statistical software packages for efficiency in data analysis. Mark holds Masters Degree in social statistics (Nairobi University). He also hold post graduate diploma in Guidance and counseling. He brings to the team wealth of experience ranging from Project planning, implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation, capacity building and facilitation, baseline surveys, Data Management and Analysis, Guidance and Counseling, HIV/ AIDS, education, gender & women empowerment, Water and sanitation issues, and conflicts management

Jason Muthama

Jason is currently pursuing his PhD in Development Studies after completing a Masters degree in Development Economics (Kwazul Natal University). He is extensively experienced in Local Economic Development Program Management. He has been involved in both applied and academic research as a Project Manager in numerous projects with Tripple K Consulting Group around East Africa. His scope of experience involves international exposure and networks drawn from working on national and multinational projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, Egypt and Ethiopia. He has also worked closely with global bodies such the United Nations Development programme, the World Alliance of YMCA and the International Conference for Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance. Additionally, Jason has completed seven publications in the area of Local Economic Development and technology, as well as peer- reviewed numerous academic papers and articles.