Balancing the Art (Accounting) and Science (Mathematics)

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Those that have chosen careers with us have recognized that we offer opportunities for high quality careers. Most professionals typically chose employment at Kiarie Kangethe &Co. because of a perceived difference here — people sharing an appreciation for, and commitment to, other people. This shared commitment defines how we serve our clients.

We have always strived to ensure our clients and associates understand our commitment to quality and to providing the best solutions possible. We've continued that value in our association with a high caliber, business solutions provider.

Together, we are a well-established, forward-thinking firm that brings a wide-ranging breadth of experience and depth of talent to serve our clients' needs and enables our associates to truly explore their career path. We are an organization in which collaboration and cooperation create a collegial atmosphere few others share.

Whether you are seeking more sophisticated work with prominent clients, a larger platform to support the needs of your practice, a place where your ambition and talents can take you to the next level, the opportunity to work alongside outstanding colleagues, or just an environment that enables a more balanced professional and personal life, we invite you to consider joining us.